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Singer Accessories

Singer feet, mannequins, ironing, steam presses
  • 4 Machine Bobbins
    Fit most modern Janome models, Singer models and some late Brother models. Pack of 4 Code A14
    NZ$ 2.25
    NZ$ 0.99
  • Klasse Machine Needle Universal 60-120
    Ideal for most woven fabrics, knits and synthetics. The Universal Needle has a slight ball point making it extremely versatile. It works well on most machines and is the most commonly used needle for synthetic woven and natural fibres. The finer needles are generally used on lightweight fabrics and the larger size needles are for medium to heavyweight fabrics. Threads range from 100% cotton and silk to a variety of synthetic and polyester/cotton blends. Klasse Machine Needle Universal Mix 60/100/110/120 x 6pcs
    NZ$ 5.90
  • Klasse Machine Needles ' Ballpoint
    Ideal for cotton knits, interlock, rib knits, fleece, double knits, suede and most knit fabrics. The tip is more rounded than Universal needle and is designed to push the fabric fibres apart than cutting them, preventing the knit fabric laddering or running after stitching. Generally threads are polyester or polyester/cotton blends, once again the finer the needle the finer the thread used.
    NZ$ 5.90
  • Singer Foot
    NZ$ 29.90
  • Singer Mannequin
    Sew casual to formal ensembles in no time with our convenient Singer Adjustable Dressform Mannequin. Looking for more professional results with half the hassle? Our dressform mannequin allows you to set necklines, sleeves and collars easily and effortlessly. Perfect for linings, the reliable accessory also allows pattern adjustment before cutting. MODEL 150: BUST 84cm - 100cm WAIST 64cm - 80cm HIPS 86cm - 102cm MODEL 151: BUST 100cm - 116cm WAIST 77cm - 93cm HIPS 101cm - 117cm SORRY NO INTERNATIONAL POSTAGE IS AVAILABLE ON SINGER PRODUCTS Please choose "New Zealand incl Mannequins" as your checkout option.
    NZ$ 499.00
    NZ$ 299.00
  • Singer Overlocker Needles
    NG2022-80-5 OVERLOCKER: Round Sharp Point Overlocker Needle to suit Medium Weight WOVEN Fabric. Pkt of 5 needles. Size 80 Code A38
    NZ$ 14.95
    NZ$ 8.95
  • Steam Press ESP2
    Sleek Modern Design Automatic safety shut-off Pressing area 63cm x 26 cm Adjustable dry and steam settings Locking handle Variable fabric temperature Over 45kg pressing pressure Wide opening for bulky items Full steam press with powerful burst of steam Portable and easy to store Washable ironing pad cover Professional results in half the time of conventional ironing Audio Safety alarm 7 times larger pressing surface than a hand held iron 1 Year Warranty NO INTERNATIONAL POSTAGE ON SINGER PRODUCTS
    NZ$ 988.00
    NZ$ 799.00