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It's great to make something for that special little baby, be it booties, clothes, sleepwear or toys. Pattern Postie has New Zealand's largest online range of baby sewing patterns.

  • 1205
    Get this classic baby look at any sewing level using different techniques including smocking, cross-stitch, applying appliques and using lace edging. Panties included. Simplicity sewing pattern.
    NZ$ 18.99
  • 1447
    Babies' Separates include a short & long romper with side pockets, a sleeveless dress with trim & applique, a short sleeved dress with collar, panties, sunhat & baseball cap both in three sizes … S(17"), M(18"), L(19"). Fabrics: Gingham, Laundered Cottons, Batiks, Calico, Chambray, Damask, Soft Lightweight Pique, Soft Lightweight Poplin, Seersucker, Velveteen, Sateen, Eyelet, Soft Lightweight Linen and Linen Blends
    NZ$ 18.99
  • 1450
    These dresses, tops, panties and hats for Toddlers' make the perfect play clothes and are also great for dressing up. All items can be made with a variety of trims and appliques for added fun. Fabrics : Cotton and Cotton Blends, Gingham, Laundered Cottons, Batiks, Broadcloth, Calico, Chambray, Lightweight Pique, Seersucker, Lightweight Linen and Linen Blends, Satin, Shantung
    NZ$ 18.99
  • 1451
    Toddlers' Easy to Sew dresses, top, cropped pants and shorts make a complete summer wardrobe for your toddler. Dresses and top can be made with trims or ruffles. Shorts and Pants have elastic waistband. Fabrics : Cotton and Cotton Blends, Gingham, Laundered Cottons, Calico, Chambray, Seersucker, Gauze, Crinkled Gauze. C,D also in Eyelet
    NZ$ 18.99
  • 1472
    Use contrasting fabrics to make your toddler this easy to sew romper, dress, top & pants. Pattern included dress for her favorite 18" doll. Top & dress tie at the back of the neck for ease of wear. Design by Sarah Rose. Fabrics: Lightweight to medium weight woven fabrics such as: Cotton Types, Broadcloth, Calico, Chambray, Eyelet, Gingham, Madras, Pique, Poplin, Seersucker.
    NZ$ 18.99
  • 1507
    Toddlers' & Child's dress can be made with a variety of sleeves. Change it up with contrasting collar, sleeves and sheer overskirt. Fabrics: Cotton and Cotton Blends, Pique, Sateen, Crepe, Silk Linen, Brocade, Satin, Shantung, Taffeta, Soft Lightweight Linen and Linen Blends. A,B,C,D Contrast also in Voile, Organza, Novelty Sheer Fabric
    NZ$ 18.99
  • 1564
    Adorable babies' top with pants that feature optional footie's. Caplet, bib and blanket perfect for swaddling.Fabrics: A,B,C,F in Flannel, Laundered Cottons, Lightweight Denim, Pinwale Corduroy, Cotton Interlock, Jerseys, Lightweight Double Knits, Stretch Velvet. D, E in Fleece
    NZ$ 18.99
  • 1565
    Warm your baby up with this easy-to-sew bunting, romper and hats. Fabrics: Bunting, Romper and Hat in Cotton Interlock, Lightweight Double Knits, Fleece, Sweatshirt Fleece, Velour, Lightweight Terry. Appliques in Cotton and Cotton Blends, Flannel, Gingham, Laundered Cottons, Calico, Chambray. E Lamb Body in Sherpa, Craft Fleece
    NZ$ 18.99
  • 1566
    Babies' overall, zip up jacket or vest, pull on pants, knit top, and hat. Fabrics: A, B sized for stretch knits only such as, Cotton Interlock, Jerseys, Velour. See Pick-A-Knit ® Rule. C, D, E, F, G in Cotton and Cotton Blends, Flannel, Gingham, Laundered Cottons, Chambray, Lightweight Denim, Pinwale Corduroy, Seersucker, Fleece, Sweatshirt Fleece. Suitable for Overlock/Serge
    NZ$ 18.99
  • 1572
    Toddlers' and child's sleep shirt, shorts or pants, robe, and footed onesie.
    NZ$ 18.99
  • 1573
    Toddlers' and child's robe, pants, and knit tops with sleeve variations. A,B,C,D Sized for stretch knits only. See Pick-A-Knit® Rule. E, F in Flannel, Laundered Cottons, Seersucker, Fleece. Suitable for Overlock/Serger.
    NZ$ 18.99
  • 1574
    Description: Toddlers' Loungewear Toddlers' and child's robe, pants, and knit tops. FABRIC A,B Tops Sized for stretch knits only. See Pick-A-Knit® Rule. C, D, E in Flannel, Seersucker, Laundered Cottons. E also in Fleece. Suitable for Overlock/Serger.
    NZ$ 18.99
  • 1595
    Toddlers' & child's prairie style dress in two lengths with long bell or short puffed-sleeves, with ruffles and optional apron or midriff-tie. Tenderfeet Stitches Simplicity Pattern.
    NZ$ 18.99
    NZ$ 5.95
  • 1600
    Vintage baby romper, bikini with back ruffles, panties and bonnet in three sizes…S(17"), M(18"), L(19"). Simplicity archive sewing pattern.
    NZ$ 18.99
  • 1813
    Babies' romper, dress, top, pants, panties and hat…hat in three sizes S(17"), M(18"), L(19")
    NZ$ 18.99
  • 2165
    Baby Accessories
    NZ$ 17.99
  • 2291
    Babies' Separates
    NZ$ 18.99
  • 2457
    Babies' christening sets sewing patterns with bonnet and shoes included. Bonnet and shoes in three sizes.
    NZ$ 18.99
  • 2491
    Babies' booty sewing patterns. Precious Patterns Collection.
    NZ$ 17.99
  • 3405 Butt
    INFANTS' DRESS, TOP, ROMPER, PANTIES, HAT & HEADBAND A-line dress or top has front pleats and back snaps. A: armhole ruffle. A,C,D: stitched hem. B: ruffles. Romper has front pleats, elastic leg, back snap closing and snap crotch. Panties have elastic waist and leg. Self- lined hat. Headband has elastic and bow. FABRICS: Madras, Lt.wt. Broadcloth, Lt.wt. Chambray and Cotton Blends.
    NZ$ 21.00
    Out Of Stock
  • 4110 Butt
    INFANTS’ DRESS, PANTIES, JUMPSUIT AND HAT FABRICS: Lightweight Broadcloth, Seersucker, Taffeta, Gingham and Velveteen
    NZ$ 21.00
  • 4225
    Baby Accessories: Pillow Cover, Quilt, Bunny, Seat Covers, Doll, Bib and Carrot
    NZ$ 17.99
  • 5017 Butt
    INFANTS’ TOP, DRESS, PANTIES, SHORTS, PANTS AND HAT FABRICS: Lightweight Broadcloth, Gingham, Chambray, Denim and Linen. Unsuitable for obvious diagonals.
    NZ$ 21.00
  • 5510 Butt
    INFANTS' SHIRT, T-SHIRT, PANTS AND HAT: Loose-fitting shirts A, B have collar, dropped shoulders, stitched hems and above elbow sleeves. Loose-fitting T-shirt has neck band and short sleeves. Pants C have stitching detail, front waistband, carriers, back hems and snap inner leg. Pants D have no side seams, elastic waist and ankles. Purchased trim. Hat has crown and brim.
    NZ$ 21.00
  • 5583 Butt
    INFANTS' BUNTING, JUMPSUIT, SHIRT, DIAPER COVER, HAT, BIB, MITTENS, BOOTIES AND BLANKET: Loose-fitting buntings A, B or jumpsuit C have neckbands, front zipper, tab with snap and long sleeves with cuffs. B: drawstring. C: elastic legs. No provision made for above waist adjustment. Loose-fitting shirt has mock bands, snap closure, stitched hems and short sleeves. Diaper cover has partial elastic waist and legs, VELCRO® closure. Hat has fold-back brim. Bib has VELCRO® closure and purchased appliqué. Mittens and booties have elastic. Self-lined blanket. Diaper cover, bib and blanket: purchased trim.
    NZ$ 21.00
  • 5584 Butt
    INFANTS' JACKET, OVERALLS, PANTS, HAT AND MITTENS: Loose-fitting, reversible jacket has partially elasticized hood, pockets and long sleeves with fold-back cuffs. Loose-fitting overalls A, B have shoulder straps, pocket, low armholes and snap crotch. A: elastic legs. B: stitched hems. Reversible pants have elastic waist and fold-back cuffs. Hats C, D have crown and VELCRO® closure. C: visor. D: purchased pompon. Mittens have elastic.
    NZ$ 21.00
  • 5585 Butt
    INFANTS' JACKET, DRESS, TOP, ROMPER, DIAPER COVER AND HAT: Loose-fitting jacket, pullover dress A, tops B, C or rompers D, E, F have narrow hems. Jacket: long sleeves. A: dirndl skirt. A, B: above elbow sleeves. C, D, E: long sleeves. D: elastic legs. D, E: snap crotch.
    NZ$ 21.00
  • 5624 Butt
    INFANTS' DRESS, JUMPER, ROMPER, JUMPSUIT, PANTIES, PANTS, HAT AND BAG: Dress A, jumper B, romper C, jumpsuit D have fitted bodice, raised waist, back button closing. A, B: drindl skirt, pockets and stitched hem. C, D: loose-fitting shorts or pants, snap crotch, short sleeves. Pants E or panties F have elastic waist and legs. E: no side seams.
    NZ$ 21.00
  • 5625 Butt
    INFANTS' ROMPER, JUMPER, PANTIES and HAT: Rompers A, B or A-line jumpers C, D have button shoulder closing. B: elastic legs. A, B: snap crotch. C: contrast tie ends. D: pockets and purchased trim. C, D: contrast reverse side. Panties have elastic waist and legs, no side seams. Hat has crown, brim and elastic.
    NZ$ 21.00
  • 6170
    Toddler's and child's pajamas have top with front and back yoke, mock wrap neck and long sleeves and pull on pants with elastic waist. Robe has shawl collar, patch pockets and tie belt.
    NZ$ 15.99

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