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  • B1980
    Lovingly decorated bassinet with canopy, in two variants, each with matched duvet.
    NZ$ 20.00
  • B2438
    3 Holy Kings. Precious costume of the three magi, consisting of a tunic, cape. long vest, belt and headwear.
    NZ$ 20.00
  • B2452
    Pirate Costume. Jackets with buttoned sleeves, broad flaps and precious decorations or a long vest. Combined with a simple pair of pants and matching turn-up cuffs.
    NZ$ 20.00
  • B2459
    Pirate and Casanova Collarless jacket with board buttoned sleeves, flaps, lace ruches and beautiful borders. As an alternative, the long vest with a slit. Combined with knee breeches
    NZ$ 24.00
  • B2461
    Prince & Mozart Costume
    NZ$ 20.00
  • B2463
    Gentle princess or fairy dress with puff sleeves. Noble damsel's dress with decorative lacing, divided skirt and slit sleeves.
    NZ$ 20.00
  • B2471
    Napoleon Costume
    NZ$ 24.00
  • B2479
    Empress and Washerwoman costume.
    NZ$ 24.00
  • B2480
    Snow White and Princess costume
    NZ$ 20.00
  • B2484
    Fairy Floor-length dresses with round neckline and trumpet sleeves. Once with an oversized hood and long train, once with a plain lace border along the neckline.
    NZ$ 24.00
  • B2493
    Josephine Empire dress consisting of an overdress and a divided skirt panel and train. Underneath a dress with puff sleeves and a drawstring. Plus a shawl with fringed edges.
    NZ$ 24.00
  • B2509
    Lady of the Castle Dirndl-style dress with sewn-on apron, low neckline and lacing effect. Underneath a blouse with long sleeves and headwear with a long veil.
    NZ$ 24.00
  • B2525
    Princess Dress with a wide gathered skirt. Model A has long sleeves and decorative elements made of tulle. Model B is in Biedermeier fashion with two kinds of fabrics and puff sleeves.
    NZ$ 18.99
    NZ$ 5.95
  • B2561
    Sporty shirt blouse, waisted with darts, with either long, slim sleeves or ¾ slit sleeves.
    NZ$ 20.00
  • B2622
    Stylish vest for festive occasions, patterned front and plain back. Optionally tie or bowtie and cummerbund.
    NZ$ 20.00
  • B2662
    Bathrobe Cuddly kids’ bathing-gown with hood or shawl collar, patch pockets and tie-belt.
    NZ$ 20.00
  • B2691
    Pyjamas for men and women, cuddly, made of cotton flannel or stylish, made of silk. A feel-good piece of garment year-round.
    NZ$ 20.00
  • B2767
    History 1848 Jacket with broad lapel collar and turned-back cuffs, A with long peplum, Jacket B with tails. Plus a vest with stand-up collar and pants with a bib.
    NZ$ 24.00
  • B2768
    History 1848 Dress with Biedermeier style hooped skirt. Dress A with velvet ribbons, dress B with a tiered skirt and flounces on the sleeves.
    NZ$ 24.00
  • B2938
    Pants Fitted on the hips, with side zipper, narrow waistband and wide, straight legs, optionally with or without crease.
    NZ$ 20.00
  • B3403
    Man’s vest with welt pockets, lining back and bar tacks. Matching accessories for every occasion: cummerbund, bow-tie, tie and 2 scarves.
    NZ$ 20.00
  • B6303
    Motif Pillows Cute and cuddly, so easy to love! The pillows can be made up in three sizes: 12"/24"/36" (30/60/90 cm). They are decorative and sure to be a hit!
    NZ$ 10.00
  • B6304
    Women's Jersey Dress Figure flattering jersey dresses with a slightly blouse-like top and slim skirt. Camouflage your waist with a draped front – or accent it with a belt if you prefer.
    NZ$ 20.00
  • B6305
    Women's Top and Dress Top, tunic or dress – all three style fall loosely from pleats at the neckline. Choose between pleasingly narrow sleeves to roll up or pretty bell-shaped sleeves.
    NZ$ 20.00
  • B6306
    Women's V Neck Top Blouse tops with a V-neck, zip fastening and side slits. Accent the neckline of view B with a band. Patch pockets add to the sporty character of this style.
    NZ$ 19.00
  • B6307
    Women's Asymmetric Top Loose-fitting tops of woven fabric with a V-neck for everyday wear. The small back slit with a button-and-loop fastening let you slip them on easily. Looking for something extra special? Choose view B with an asymmetric over layer and bell-shaped sleeves.
    NZ$ 19.00
  • B6308
    Women's Side Gathered Top Tops with a V-neck, long or short, gathered at the side with drawstring casings. The short version features eye-catching crisscrossed straps. The sleeves can also be varied. Choose your favorites.
    NZ$ 19.00
  • B6309
    Women's Back Elastic Pants Pants/trousers with hip yoke pockets, back yoke and back elastic casing for a perfect and comfortable fit. These are figure flattering basics for all year round.
    NZ$ 19.00
  • B6310
    Misses' Shirt Dress Young and super comfy dresses like these come with a feel good guarantee! The drawstring casings at the elongated waist, hood and hem are typical casual styling details together with the in-seam pockets.
    NZ$ 20.00
  • B6311
    Misses' Bare Shoulder Dress Airy summer dresses to show off pretty shoulders either with spaghetti straps or a round neckline and bell-shaped skirt. It's not easy to choose between them.
    NZ$ 20.00

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