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  •  LED  Rimless Floor/Desk Lamp  (rechargeable)
    LED technology delivers high quality lighting for your home or office. Rimless magnification area Rechargeable ' 3 hours to recharge with 3 hours work time Multi level illumination in 3 stages from daylight to brilliant white Flexible gooseneck offers comfortable light position Flexible clip arm securely grasps charts, patterns or instructions Height adjustable desk or floor stand Please allow 7-10 days for delivery *Freight NZ North and South Island only
    NZ$ 169.00
  • 10 Pack Special!  Anchor Stranded Cotton
    Opening Special 10 pack of Anchor Stranded Cotton for $10 Expand your collection with a mix of 10 different colors in each pack. If you want specific colors please add a note at checkout and I will do my best to include them. Anchor Stranded Cotton is a superior 6 strand extra-long staple 100% Egyptian cotton embroidery thread, where each strand can be further divided into 2 single plies. Anchor Stranded Cotton’s pull free skeins allow the perfect length to be “removed” from the skein without disrupting the skein itself. This construction makes Anchor Stranded Cotton particularly versatile across all types of embroidery, making it the most popular embroidery thread around the world. Ideal for cross stitch on various fabric counts, Anchor Stranded Cotton can also be used in freestyle embroidery, canvas work and other forms of counted thread embroidery. Stranded Cotton thread comes in 8 m skeins and provides a brilliant lustre, unique softness and an intense light reflection due to the extra-long staple length of the Egyptian Giza fibers and double mercerisation.
    NZ$ 18.00
    NZ$ 10.00
  • 8cm (3
    8cm (3") Embroidery Hoop NZ Postage only
    NZ$ 3.95
  • Embroidery Needles
    Needles 16 x size 5/10 Embroidery/Crewels
    NZ$ 2.80
  • Embroidery Thread Organiser
    Embroidery Thread Organiser Handy Multi Purpose Box Dimensions: (H) 40mm x (W) 277mm x (D) 185mm 17 individual cavities
    NZ$ 14.50
  • LED Floor Lamp with Magnifier
    LED technology delivering high powered lighting Flexible clip arm to securely grasp patterns and much more Soft touch on/off button Flexible goose neck for controlled light DC 6.0V power consumption AC/DC adaptor included Durable low profile base 24 LED's Please allow 7-10 days for delivery *Freight NZ North and South Island only
    NZ$ 119.00
  • Mini Embroidery Hoop Medium Round
    Mini Embroidery Hoop Medium Round 2.5cm x 3.2
    NZ$ 3.25
  • Mini Embroidery Hoop Oblong
    Mini Embroidery Hoop Oblong 7cm x 3.4
    NZ$ 3.95
  • Mini Embroidery Hoop Square
    Mini embroidery hoop frame square 3cm.
    NZ$ 3.75
  • Mini Embroidery Hoop Triangle
    Mini embroidery hoop frame triangle 3.7cm x 3.4 NZ Post only
    NZ$ 3.45
  • Sew Easy Aida Cloth
    Sew Easy Aida Cloth available in White and Ecru 14 count 36 x 45cm
    NZ$ 9.95
  • Triumph LED Dimmable Floor Lamp
    New from Triumph, this dimmable LED Floor Lamp has multiple brightness and colour settings to easily adapt to YOUR workspace. With the remote control, you can comfortably change your lighting depending on the time of day, task at hand, or settle in with some gentle mood lighting. HBU19A The option to change from warm light to cool will help reduce eye strain for those night owls, and help see correct colours when working in an artificially lit room. With 5 colour brightness levels and 25 colour selections this floor lamp is an ideal addition to any sewing room. *Freight NZ North and South Island only
    NZ$ 229.00